Friday, October 23, 2009

Frugal Friday

I am using some simple, yet delicious ingredients for tonight's Frugal Friday meal. Amy M. sent me this easy Italian recipe and talked about how versatile it is. She said that you can add grilled chicken, diced veggies, and seasoned tomatoes to spice it up a bit. I'm going with her original version tonight, but plan to try it out other ways really soon!

The sides are simple steamed fresh green beans and sliced cucumber. Both of these vegetables are full of vitamins and are easy on both the taste buds and the pocket book! Add a little salt and pepper for added flavor.

Dessert is "Cake Mix Cookies." You can use any flavor cake mix (my favorite is lemon!). I'm using strawberry tonight. These are sure to please anybody's sweet tooth!

Cost of Ingredients:
1 box penne pasta--$1.27
2 large cans crushed tomatoes--$1.16 each
olive oil--An entire bottle is $3.25, so I spent about $.75 for this dish.
Parmesan cheese--$2.18
1/2 pound green beans--$1.00/pound ($.50/.5 pound)
1 cucumber--$.46 each
1 box cake mix--$.88
1 egg--$.98/dozen ($.08/egg)
1/4 cup oil--An entire bottle of oil is $2.28, so I spent about $.30.

Total spent on tonight's dinner. . .$8.74!

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  1. Awesome. I will try and do a frugal Friday for you one night.