Monday, November 30, 2009

I started a BlogFrog community. . .

and I'd love to have you all be a part of it! This will be a place to discuss recipes, cooking, babies, schooling, marriages, discipline, shopping, reading, religion (you get the idea, right?). I am so excited to have it be a part of my blog! It is free to sign up, and easy to use. I'd love to see it grow, especially since right now, I'm it's only member. . .

Do you see the red widget on the right side of my blog? You'll see a button at the bottom that says "Visit My Community." So, click it and come on in. Start a discussion, reply to one, or just read along.

Looking forward to getting to know you (or know you better!)



  1. I'm part of blog frog... but no extra time to visit their forums.....
    I hope it goes well for you :)

  2. Brandi - did you see my latest post about the SAMmy's Scoop newsletter? Could you submit a good holiday recipe or two that could be used as a gift? Then, you could end with your bio, and plug your blog - and your new blogging community...250 moms in the midwest get this newsletter, plus all who log onto website and check out the newsletter there. You could get more followers!

  3. Hi Brandi - I found your blog through BlogFrog and wanted to stop over and say hello and congrats on your new community - so cool! I'm headed over to join and see what discussions are going on over there.

    Holly (BlogFrog)

  4. Hi Brandi, BlogFrog was how I found your site, too. I'm enjoying the pictures with your recipes. My oldest daughter and my husband enjoy baking twice baked potatoes together.