Sunday, November 1, 2009

Recipe Challenge: Chicken Carbonara

Wow--I cannot believe it is already November! The season of cooking is upon us! In honor of this time of year, I am hosting my first "Recipe Challenge." I am going to present you all with a recipe. I'd love for you guys to make this recipe and then either link your blog (using the MckLinky at the bottom of this post) to mine or come back to comment on what you and your family thought of it, discuss any additions or substitutions you used, what you would change about it, etc.

The first recipe is for Chicken Carbonara. I would love for everyone to make it this week if you can! Don't forget to link up or comment on how it turned out! I'm planning to make it on Wednesday, so I'll post pictures of it then. Happy Cooking!

1 package spaghetti noodles
4 ounces bacon (diced)
1 medium onion (diced)
1 1/2 cups heavy cream
2 chicken breasts (cut into strips)
2 tablespoons butter
1/2 cup Parmesan cheese (grated)
salt and pepper to taste
4 egg yolks
some chopped parsley

Cook spaghetti in boiling water for 10 minutes. Meanwhile, in large saucepan, saute the bacon until golden and crumble. Drain off some of the drippings; add butter, chicken strips and onion. Cook until chicken is tender.

Drain spaghetti and place into pan with chicken. Add cream, salt and pepper, stir well over heat until just boiling. Add the cheese and egg yolks. Turn off heat and stir well. Place on a dish, top with chopped parsley and serve immediately.


  1. We make a very similar recipe, and we love it! Super yum! I tried the melt in your mouth chicken last week, and it wasn't very good...but that's only because I spilled the seasoned salt in the mayo mixture. Ha! I'm going to try it again soon and I'll be a little more careful this time.

  2. can i make this without the cream? not a big fan of creamy sauces.

  3. You could use milk or half & half, but the base of the sauce is cream. You can definitely try some version of the recipe without the heavy cream, though. I'd love to know how it turns out!

  4. So I made it tonight, but we have many dietary challenges in our family. Two children with milk allergies- so no milk or milk products for them-, Jay has high cholesterol and I am trying desperately to lose some baby weight-so low or no fat- and I am at a high risk for diabetes- so low sugar and totally whole wheat.
    So I made a lot of substitutions. I used whole wheat pasta, olive oil instead of butter, and turkey bacon instead of regular bacon. And I waited until I fixed plates and put the cheese on top for those of us that can eat it.
    But then came the heavy cream challenge for my allergy babies. But I decided to face it, becuase I have been missing my creamy foods.
    So, I used Fat Free Miracle whip and mixed in some chicken stock to make it more liquidy.
    It was good, the kids ate it up. And Jay and I liked it too, but it had a very distinct mayonaisey twang. I'm gonna have to figure out how to temper that twanginess and make it a more creamy flavor. But still good.
    Thanks for the challenge! It was good for me to try to make it fit our families needs.
    Oh, and I was trying to figure out the mclinky thing, and I don't know what I did, but somehow I put that link on your page. Sorry! I'm still trying to figure all this tech stuff out.

  5. Amy--That's awesome that you were able to fix the meal using all of those substitutions!! How fun!

    As for the MckLinky, you post about it on your blog and link it back to mine. I think you just click on it, add your URL and that's it. This comment definitely works, though! Thanks for participating!

  6. I missed this challenge, I hope you do another!

  7. This is a late resonse, but we made it the week of your challenge. I'm a vegetarian, so I used Morning Star Chicken Strips & Morning Star bacon in place of the meat. I also used light instead of heavy cream. It came out amazing! :-)

  8. Yummmmmmmmmmm! Found this on your website a few weeks ago and everyone loved it! Super yummy! I'll definitely be making this again :-)