Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Pizza Night!

It's pizza night here at our house! No, it's not delivery, and it's not DiGiorno either. I'm making pizza from scratch. Neither the crust or the sauce are new recipes, but I thought that I would re-share them with you in case you missed them the first time. I think that the crust is better than anything you could get at a pizzeria!

I'm using this crust recipe, along with this marinara recipe that I just shared yesterday. It made so much that I have plenty for pizza and another pasta later this week! I'm going to top half of it with pizza cheese, and the other with mushrooms and cheese. Yummy!


  1. I love pizza. I could eat it every night! Thanks for the dough recipe, I'll be sure to try it. There's nothing like freshly baked pizza crust!

  2. I love pizza too!!!! I will try these recipes and link up to you..=)