Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Garden Update

This was the first time I had used a drill. Lame, I know, but I was excited!

The kids loved planting their seeds!
Our garden

Remember how I told you that I was going to build my own raised beds? Well, I did it! It was so much easier than I even dreamed, too. We pretty much just made it up as we went. I was going to do it like the Pioneer Woman did, but decided that I would make one to better fit my needs. The whole family is thrilled with it! We all worked on it together, and it looks so cute. Now for the crops to grow!

How did we do it? Well, I'll tell you! We went to Lowe's and purchased four pieces of wood measuring 8 feet long x 5.5 inches wide for $2.97 each. Along with that, we bought four wood corner brackets (@2.88 each) and a package of wood screws ($3.97). The whole bed cost us less than $30! We didn't do any cutting of the wood. We simply drilled the corner brackets to make a perfect square. We set it up where we wanted and put cardboard boxes down to keep the weeds out (but the cardboard allows drainage). We also bought 20 bags of top soil ($1.29 each) and two bags of compost ($4.97 each). The dirt cost about $35, so for around $65 we were ready to plant! The kids and I made several rows. They planted their seeds while wearing their pajamas. Ha!

What are we growing? Let me think...tomatoes, jalapeno peppers, bell peppers, cantaloupe, summer squash, cucumbers, lettuce, sunflowers (Josie is excited about those!), basil, cilantro, and strawberries. The strawberries are in their own pots. I transplanted them from our old garden to the pots up front so I could keep up with them better. I tried transplanting my onions, but they didn't make it. I'll have to go get some more onion plants later this week. We also have our pumpkins growing.

I am now in the middle of researching how to grow my own potatoes. I am really excited about those! One of my fondest and earliest childhood memories is digging potatoes with my Paw-Paw. I loved it, and am looking forward to digging for them with my children. I love a good treasure hunt!

So there you have it. Our garden is now up. We are anxiously awaiting the fruits (or veggies) of our labor. I'll update you when we have our first harvest.


  1. Depending on where you planted your vine plants, you might think about adding a trellis for them to grow on. That way they don't over take your garden. That is our plan. We have some heavy duty chicken wire that we are going to use.

    It looks good.

  2. I am inspired! This is Saturdays project!!

  3. I love this! What a great family activity!

  4. What a great the fact that it was your first time with a drill, rock on!

    Here with my weekly reminder of your link party going on over at the kinderGARDENS contest. Anytime between now and next Wednesday you can share any post you have pertaining to gardening with kiddos...this post is a perfect example!

    Have a super day, Kim

  5. I love that your children helped stamp down the dirt - that's always a favorite around here. Your new garden bed looks great! Can't wait for more updates. Cheers ~

  6. You must update us on your garden as you go! I can't wait to hear how everything turns out. We planted tomatoes and red peppers but I am hoping my husband is going to make our raised bed this weekend then we will also plant cucumbers, squash and zucchini. We already have a lot of herbs planted and I love being able to right outside and grab them.

  7. love to plant my seed in those girls