Thursday, April 15, 2010


Random Item #1--Don't forget to enter the POM Wonderful giveaway. It ends tomorrow, and so far only five entries have been made. Some lucky winner is going to get a coupon for a FREE bottle of pomegranate juice, AND I'll make the recipe that you suggest.

Random Item #2--A photographer for the Oklahoma Gazette just left my house. While we were vacationing in Orlando, a reporter emailed me asking to do an interview about my Meatless Mondays. I obliged, and she sent the photographer out to get some shots of me and my family in the kitchen. It was fun and stress-free, which was awesome. The article will be published in the April 21 edition.

Random Item #3
--I'm running out of recipe ideas. I need your help! If you have any tried and true recipes, or one that you don't want to try yourself, email me or leave me a comment. I don't want to stop blogging, but I've pretty much used up my stash!

Random Item #4
--I am making these cupcakes for my son's second birthday (in two days!) I'm doing a Mickey Mouse theme for his party, and I made the cutest cupcake toppers to insert into the cupcakes. I used the picture of Mickey at the top of the post to make them. I'll try to share a picture after his party on Saturday.

Random Item #5
--I'm in the process of hooking you all up with some more awesome giveaways...look for them in the next couple of weeks!!

Random Item #6--You all need to become involved in my community. I would love to see it become an active forum, but I cannot do it alone. Think of some cool topics and post about them. Ask parenting questions, post parenting tips, share recipes, ask for prayer requests.


  1. How cool is that. It so cool you were interviewed about your blog. I cannot wait to read about it, hopefully you will post the link so we can read it.


  2. I'll have to be sure to grab that Gazette edition! I love that about that particular paper, they are always so good to include locals you probably normally wouldn't hear much about!