Thursday, May 13, 2010

Sprinklers, Strawberries and Spring Storms

It's time for my garden update. I've been linking up each Thursday over at The Inadvertant Farmer's blog. There are several bloggers who write about their gardening endeavors, so go check them out! I've found lots of great gardening tips while reading through them.

Here are our strawberry plants. We haven't seen any fruit yet, but I don't think it will be long! Aren't the containers so cute? I found both of them in someone's trash. *hangs head in shame* Yes, I guess I'm a dumpster diver, but I could not pass these up! They are made of cement and have a rustic look that I just adore. Don't judge!
Our sprouts are really growing! We now have several from each of the seeds we planted. It won't be long before we're eating fresh cantaloupe and slicing up cucumbers for a snack. That will be so awesome!
The kids bought a soaker hose and a shower-type head, along with a flat of flowers for me for Mother's Day. They are so enthusiastic about growing things, and I love that gardening instills a love for that in them! Great life lessons growing along with our plants. Josie and Rhett love using the shower head sprinkler to help water the garden.
I don't know if you all saw the tornadoes that the Oklahoma City area dealt with earlier this week, but along with the high winds came some ginormous (is that a real word?) hail. I stole this picture from my friend Mandi. We weren't able to take pictures of any of it, because we were driving through it at the time. What a night! My poor little tomato plants didn't appreciate that hail one bit! I think that everything survived, but the weather was definitely rough on them. By the way, we called the day after those tornadoes to have a storm shelter installed on our property! That will be in next week. Now if we can make it through tonight's storms....


  1. Ack....tornadoes! I can't even imagine living in the relatively calm Pacific Northwest (earthquakes are our only real fear), glad you are getting a shelter!

    I too am a dumpster diver...between that and thrift stores I have furnished much of my house and garden! Kim

  2. I think they are awesome pots. I'd have salvaged them!

  3. Ginormous IS a real word, you have my approval!

    Take care in those tornadoes and the hail must have been epic!