Thursday, May 6, 2010


See my sprouts? These are in our flower beds. They're zinnia flowers that Jeremy's grandmother gave to me. They're so cute, don't ya think?

There is something miraculous about watching things that you care for grow and thrive. I think that's why I love having babies! Babies, puppies, sprouts...I love to watch them grow!
We noticed our first sprouts sprouting two days ago. Josie and I were so excited. She is a little mini-me and is fascinated by growing things, as well. We have been going out to check on our newest "babies" several times per day. There are cucumbers, summer squash, cantaloupe, and one tiny sunflower sprout growing in our garden. What a thrill!
I read somewhere that egg shells were a good calcium source for tomatoes. The kids and I saved a dozen shells and sprinkled them with our tomato plants. I have worked them into the soil, and am hoping that I'm going to have some monster tomatoes in a few weeks.


  1. New sprouts are so fun to watch! My kids are so excited about ours too...sometimes the simplest things bring the most joy! Kim

  2. They are cute! And I know how proud and excited your kids must feel to see them growing. We got new dirt in our yard and have planted grass and I'm happy to see it growing. If you've ever had an all weed and dirt lawn you'll understand. If not, enjoy your grass. It really is wonderful stuff!