Thursday, May 27, 2010

Work, Work, Work

Work, work, work...there has been a lot of it going on in our little yard this week. We're making big changes and loving it! We had our storm shelter installed yesterday. These are pretty important to have here in Oklahoma! You should have seen the amount of dirt that they dug up in order to put that thing in! I'm planning to plant some ivy and other plants around the sides. It needs see all that red clay we deal with? Not pretty! Any suggestions for shelter landscaping???
My zinnias are just beautiful already. They haven't bloomed yet, but they look gorgeous anyway. I think I'll be planting some of them around the shelter.
We planted two trees in our backyard this week. One is a plum tree--can't wait for that to start fruiting. The other is this one...can anyone guess what type of tree it is?? We're hoping it produces lots of shade for us to enjoy.
Aaaaah, dirt. I have been working with a lot of dirt this week. We pulled out last year's garden and stole the soil. We're going to build a compost container in its spot. I'm using the soil in this year's garden, so the wheelbarrow and I have become good friends.


  1. Oh, my back aches just reading your post! I cannot imagine living somewhere that you need a storm shelter, as a life long resident of Washington state I'm a big pansy!

    Have fun hauling dirt, Kim

  2. oh my! I never seen one of those before!!

  3. Is that a maple of some sort? Sugar Maple or sweet gum?

  4. It is a maple! It's a silver maple, which is supposed to be fast-growing and great for shade.

  5. I sure understand the need for Oklahoma storm shelters! My hubby was born and raised there (a long time ago lol) and I lived there a little bit with him after we married in 2003. We are in KY (my hometown) now and I do not miss those storms in Tornado Alley. Love the recipes! :)