Monday, October 4, 2010

Meal Plan Monday

It's time to plan our meals for the week. Tomorrow is grocery day for us, so I have to put lots of ingredients on my list! I shop once every two weeks, with quick trips in between for milk, bread, and bananas. Some of the links below are to my recipes, and some are recipes that I plan to try for the first time.

I don't usually plan out our breakfasts and lunches, since we usually eat leftovers for lunch (the kids take sandwiches to school) and I make whatever strikes my fancy for breakfast. The meals below are for our dinners.

Monday--Leftover turkey sausage & spinach lasagna (made by a friend) with toast

Tuesday--Spicy cheese soup (recipe to come)

Wednesday--Chicken stuffed shells (This recipe is for chicken lasagna, but I'm using jumbo shells instead.), Caesar salad, French bread

Thursday--Roasted chicken, steamed veggies, Sweetie Pie's mac & cheese

Friday--Use leftover roasted chicken in this white chicken chili

Saturday--Sandwiches & leftovers night

Sunday--I'm making a big batch of Carie's Marinara Sauce, so we'll eat some of it with a pasta.

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