Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Meal Plan

I'm a day late, but I just didn't have much energy yesterday to even think up my weekly meal plan. I hope this Tuesday finds you all well!

Monday--My brother made us goulash, so I didn't have to cook!

Tuesday--Maple Glazed Meatballs over rice with steamed broccoli (Our friend made us these when I was so sick earlier this summer. I'm just taking them straight from the freezer to the crockpot. They're great freezer-friendly meals!)

Wednesday--Ranch mac & cheese (recipe coming!) with steamed peas

Thursday--Hot dog & marshmallow roast with our friends 3DudesandaDiva after she takes our family Christmas card pics

Friday--Leftover spaghetti sauce from this recipe over pasta (It makes a ton!), with a salad

Saturday--Grilled chicken drumsticks, baked potatoes, green beans

Sunday--Sausage & potatoes and ?? side


  1. Just curious! Do you have a fire pit for grilling your hot doga or do you put them on the grill? We have a nice grill, but I was thinking a fire pit might be nice for kids to roast their own.

  2. I had some leftover taco meat in the freezer, and spaghetti on my menu for dinner. So I made taco spaghetti, topped it with cheddar cheese and avocados and Jay said it was his new favorite. The kids gobbled it up too.
    I don't know if it's been done, but I hadn't heard of it.

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